Draft Notes

One beer at a time…


Welcome to Draft Notes! Basically, I will be sharing my notes on the various beers I get my hands on. The goal here is to give you my opinions, comparisons, and a rating on the Draft Notes mug scale. I can’t always tell you if I taste pine, flowers, or waxy apples, but I will give it to you as straight forward as I can. I will also talk about my brewery visits and any beer centric bars I visit on my journey to beer glory. Ok, so I guess it is time to get to work.

Time to get to work.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. I’d like to see you review some of my favorite beers:

    – PBR
    – Natty Ice
    – Natty Bo
    – The Beast
    – Bud Light & Clamato
    – 7 Eleven Game Day Light
    – Michelob Ultra Pomegranate Raspberry
    – MGD 64

    • The Consumer on said:

      7 Eleven Game Day Light is tempting, but I do not anticipate you will see reviews of your provided list. Try again!

  2. Ed Wilt...aka Ed's Head Brewing on said:

    I do notice that you do toast many of my check ins on untappd. …… would you like some samples of Ed’s Head Brewing? ???
    Being the brew master I can arrange that! LOL

    Right now I just tapped the smoked lager and I feel it isn’t quite carbonated enough yet. … and I just need my imperial IPA on Sunday so it will be a while till that is ready. … but once it is I can send you a sampler

    Just let me know


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